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   The Mercyhealth Casualty Care Program




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The FBI’s 2013 report on active shooter shows that incidences of school and workplace violence are increasing annually. Even in the best of circumstances, emergency medical services (EMS) providers may not be in a position to immediately render aid to the wounded. This represents a serious and potentially life-threatening problem for citizens, students and public servants across the country.

Mercyhealth and the Janesville, Wisconsin police department, fire department and public school district feel that we might now have the answer.

After extensive research, development and testing, we now share with your community our Casualty Care Program. It provides those instructed with the knowledge, skills, tools and empowerment to save lives in the event of a shooting or other traumatic event in a school or business. While we hope none of this training is ever used, we hope your community will join us in refusing to say, “It could never happen here.”